New Baby Checklist: Top 60 Must-have Products 2019

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The Best Newborn Checklist 2019 Australia


The must-have list if you're on the hunt for the best new baby checklist! Fresh off the press, our friends at Mums Grapevine have done all the hard work and painstakingly searched Australia to bring you the top 60 products you need for your newborn in 2019. 


The newborn baby shopping list can be totally overwhelming, especially when you're researching every product to the nth-degree (thanks Google). Just when you thought you'd Googled everything there was to know during your pregnancy, Google is about to get another good hammering when it comes to deciphering all there is to know about baby products. Who would've thought there was so much to consider when it came to baby baths? Me neither! Although, I did find an inbuilt thermometer and removable plug were very useful features to have in the hand-me-down bath that I inherited. Who knew?


Here you'll find the top 60 baby products to buy before birth so when bub arrives you can just relax into your baby bubble. We've made sure you have the most comprehensive, complete list of things for baby. The checklist covers everything from a pram caddy to baby washing detergent!. And, if you don't know your 00 from you 000, wonder no longer with the handy guide to baby clothing size broken down by season and due-date. It is the only checklist for a baby that you'll need. All the products are available in Australia. 


Baby Keepsake Boxes 


We were absolutely delighted to be featured in this edition of the shopping for baby handbook. A beautiful keepsake box is a perfect place to store all of your scan pictures, letters to baby, baby hospital bracelet, first curl, baby shower and birth cards, first shoes, baby teeth and all of the other irreplaceable treasures we collect over our lifetime. 


Download the hand guide to shopping for baby below.


Thank you to Mums Grapevine.


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