Practical pregnancy gifts for the Mum-to-be

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Practical pregnancy gifts for the Mum-to-be

Are you looking to acknowledge and celebrate the journey of motherhood by surprising a pregnant friend with a thoughtful and practical gift box? With so many choices it can be tricky to know where to start. From our experience as a new Mum and baby gifting service, we've put our heads together to come up with some ideas to consider when choosing a maternity gift to achieve your goal of making the new Mum feel special and celebrated!


Consider her needs:


A pregnant lady has some pretty obvious desires at this time of her life. The practical needs of a Mum-to-be are comfort, convenience, and relaxation! Think of a gift that addresses these needs and makes her life easier, such as a maternity pillow, slippers, a pretty gown, button-up silk pyjamas, or even a soothing essential oil diffuser.


Be Personal:


Personalise the gift by adding her name or initials to make it unique and special. It will show her that you’ve put thought and effort into the choice, making it even more special. All of our pregnancy gift boxes can be personalised, or even just printed with the word 'MAMA' to capture this special time in her life.


Focus on Self-care:


New Mums often neglect their own needs in the hustle and bustle of caring for their new little one. Including a pampering package with nurturing inclusions, such as bath soak, nipple cream, belly oil, and scented candle, will all encourage her to take a moment to look after herself.


Keep It Simple:


Sometimes, simple is best. Never underestimate the power of a thoughtful note. Perhaps include your own anecdotes or funny pregnancy/ baby stories. A supportive word from someone who has been there before can be very powerful at a time when a new Mum can feel very overwhelmed. 


Celebrate the bond between Mum and Baby:


A baby journal that she can record her thoughts and experiences, or letters to her baby are an invaluable keepsake.  We have the perfect journal 'I am so grateful to be your Mama' which can be included with any of our pregnancy gifts.  These small presents can be treasured for years to come and are a delightful reminder of our pre-baby thoughts and hopes.


Pregnancy journal, new Mum baby booik


Mama gratitude journal $24.50, can be added to any of our baby gift boxes


Hopefully, you have found these tips useful! We are Mums and love to celebrate the birth of the Mum and new baby. All of our Mum and baby gifts are fully customisable to your tastes and the needs of your recipient. We love creating maternity gifts that are unique and thoughtfully assembled. Please contact us directly to discuss your preferences and any special requests you may have. You can email me directly at


Here are a few of our most popular pregnancy and mum-to-be gift baskets:

'Mama love' pregnancy gift hamper in cream keepsake box $175

mum-to-be gift box personalise keepsake box gifts delivered online


'The Nurturer' pregnancy gift hamper in cream keepsake box $269.95


luxury maternity gifts in cream keepsake case next day delivery Australia


Gifts for pregnant women mum-to-be gift $149


pregnancy gift with belly oil, nipple cream, pregnancy journal delivered in Australia


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