Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially with new little babes in the world. If you’re looking for Baby’s first Christmas gift to celebrate their arrival and first Christmas, look no further than our special, keepsake quality xmas gifts.

We have hand-picked a boutique selection of gorgeous baby gifts that are guaranteed to delight the small people in your life. All of our baby’s first Christmas gifts come delicately presented in a calico gift bag, so there is no wrapping required.

See our top picks below for baby’s first Christmas gift ideas.

Baby's first Christmas gift guide Australia Perfect xmas gifts for baby girls

  1. Anglaise romper $39.95, 2. Miss Rosey Doll $43.00, 3. Cot blanket $69.95, 4. Yellow t-bar moccasins $29.95, 5. Pink Unicorn Toy $39.95, 6. Stardust Ballerina Doll $48.95, 7. Gold Mermaid Doll $35.

Baby's first Christmas gift guide Australia Perfect xmas gifts for baby boys

1, Zac the Zebra Rattle $18.50, 2. English Soldier Rattle 18.95 , 3. Aeroplane Romper $34.95, 4. Suede Booties $24.95, 5. Cross print Muslin Wrap $39.95, 6. Ricetache Noodoll $34.95, 7. Fire Engine Rattle $19.95.

Place your order by 20th December to ensure delivery prior to Christmas.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas filled with fun and laughter.

Two hoots,

Lisa x

New Baby Gift Hampers


Introducing our brand new range of Baby Gift Hampers for 2016. Inspired by fluffy white clouds, glittering gold stars and sweet baby dreams. It’s a little bit whimsical and a little bit wistful. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

With more Friday’s Child exclusive products than ever, you can be assured that your baby gift hamper will always feel unique and special. Our aim has always been to create baby gifts that you are excited to gift. Knowing you’ve found something a little more special than most that will make the new Mum and baby feel loved and treasured.

You’re sure to fall in love with our brand new range of baby toys. In a gorgeous linen material, our beautiful elephants may have had an outfit change but are still as charming as ever. Surely the feature of our baby gift hampers, they are sure to be a favourite friend to a special little baby. Our darling baby girl elephant is stage ready in her soft pink tulle tutu and 1920’s inspired glittering gold star headband. Our baby boy and unisex elephants are dapper and ready for any occasion in cotton dungarees and a handsome neckerchief.

Finding small Australian businesses to feature within our baby gift hampers has always been what we’re about. We are sure you’ll love our beautiful range of natural soy candles and creams from boutique brands: Essense Noosa and Soy on the Hill. Made from 100% natural fragrances, they are all Australian made and without any nasties which make them feel extra pampering and safe for Mum-to-be’s.

As always delivering the best value gifts, without compromising on quality is of paramount importance to us. Starting from a reasonable $99, through to our premium $199 baby gift hampers, there is something to suit each and every budget.

Browse our Baby Gift Hampers range below:

  1. Baby Gift Hamper – Pretty Molly $99

baby-basket-girl-99-pretty-molly2. Baby Gift Hamper – Sweet Lottie $109


3. Baby Gift Hamper -Tilly Grace $129


4. Baby Gift Hamper – Fair Violet $149


5. Baby Gift Hamper – Dear Sadie $179


6. Baby Gift Hamper – Posh Polly $199


1. Baby Gift Hamper – Bashful Charlie $99


2. Baby Gift Hamper – Charming Elliot $109


3. Baby Gift Hamper – Adorable Albert $129


4. Baby Gift Hamper – Dashing Jasper $149


5. Baby Gift Hamper – Dapper Darcy $179


6. Baby Gift Hamper – Darling Sam $199


1. Baby Gift Hamper – Sweet Elly $99


2. Baby Gift Hamper – New Baby Bundle $119


3. Baby Gift Hamper – Elly Darling $129


4. Baby Gift Hamper – Welcome Baby $139


5. Baby Gift Hamper – Sweet Dreams Baby $159


6. Baby Gift Hamper – Elly Love $179


7. Baby Gift Hamper – A Special Arrival $189


Two Hoots,

Lisa x

New turban-style baby hats in-store

Rug baby up turban-style

I must admit, I have a slight and secret obsession with turbans. I would never dare to wear one myself (probably wouldn’t look so fab with my standard Mum gear of converse and jeans), but I do fantasize about glamorous soirees on yachts in the French Riviera with the fashion elite, where such things would be acceptable. So from this love affair with turban hats, you can imagine my glee when I came across a pattern for a crochet turban-style baby hat. You betcha, I just had to have them custom-made for our store.

And finally it seems as though Winter is almost here. What a magnificent, mild Autumn we have had this year in Sydney. It has only been the last week that the Winter chill has started to descend on our mornings. As late as it is in the season, I’m still caught off guard with the sudden weather change and never anticipate ahead of time that my child would have grown in the last 6 months and will require a new Winter wardrobe. Time to get that Winter shopping done quick smart…size 1 trackies on a 3 year old is not looking so cute!

Baby Hats – turban-style

To celebrate this glorious new Winter season, our new beautiful new range of turban-style baby hats has just landed in-store.

Custom and hand made for Friday’s Child, each of these beautiful crochet baby hats has been lovingly hand-crafted from a gorgeous soft bamboo and organic cotton yarn to create something really special and a just a little bit fashion-forward. The yarn has a gorgeous, gentle sheen and is so silky soft to the touch, it is just crying out to warm a precious little baby head.

Going beyond your usual colour options, we are keeping things fun and colourful this Winter. Choose from our bright turquoise, raspberry pink or charcoal grey styles – these gorgeous baby hats are sure to give bub some serious fashion cred!

Turquoise, pink, grey crochet baby hats turban style Australia

We have 3 sizes of baby hats available (0-3mths), (3-6mths) and (6-12mths). Limited qty’s available of each size and colour. Get it quick.

Available online for just $29. Shop our baby hats here.

Two hoots,

Lisa x

Snuggle Bunny Baby Comforters


Susie Leblond-1366

Brand new range of luxurious baby comforters just launched.

We’re so pleased to announce another new boutique brand, Lily n’ Jack, has landed in store. We are always challenging ourselves to find little, unique brands to bring to Australia so you can always feel that you are getting something a little special when you visit our store.

We’re sure you will love this darling range of handmade baby comforters as much as we do. Handmade in South Africa from the softest fleece imaginable, these little bunny friends are just irresistible to little hands and are sure to be long-time friends to lots of little baby girls and boys.

Why Baby Comforters?

These snuggle bunnies are the ultimate self-soothers to help calm and settle your little one. With touch being the first sense by which a baby begins to communicate with the world, these super soft baby comforters appeal to the emotional and physiological responses in babies to help promote healthy development and sleep.

Reasonably priced at just $19.95 + delivery, these gorgeous baby comforters are a lovely ‘congratulations’ gift for a pregnant friend, or baby shower gift. Available in a range of 5 different designs, you are sure to find the snuggle bunny to capture your heart.

Floral ear baby comforter snuggle bunny for baby girl $19.95

fleece bunny baby comforter with floral print ears Australia

Pink satin ear baby comforter snuggle bunny for baby girl $19.95

fleece bunny baby comforter with pink ears Australia

Pinstripe ear baby comforter snuggle bunny unisex $19.95

fleece bunny baby comforter with grey pinstripe print ears Australia

White satin ear baby comforter snuggle bunny unisex $19.95
grey fleece bunny comforter with white satin ears Australia

Pinstripe ear baby comforter snuggle bunny unisex $19.95


Shop our baby comforter range here now.

Till the next time,

Two hoots,

Lisa x

Please note:

As with all baby toys we strongly recommend you adhere to the SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping. The current SIDS recommendation is to keep soft toys out of the sleeping environment for babies under seven months of age because they may cover the nose and mouth and interfere with breathing. The risk posed by suffocation by the presence of soft objects in the baby’s sleeping environment outweighs any benefit to the baby from a soft toy. It is therefore advised not to place soft toys and other soft objects in the cot for babies under seven months of age.



Vintage-style baby rompers

Every so often you come across a brand that you just fall in love with. We are so delighted to have found South African brand, Tic Tac Toe on our travels, and are super excited to have their beautiful vintage-style baby rompers now in-store. Made from the most beautiful, lightweight cotton, they are just perfectly cool and ideal for our hot Australian Summers.

Tic Tac Toe rompers are all made in Cape Town, South Africa. You can just feel the love and care that goes into producing each of these delicate garments. The beautiful details, just make these vintage-style baby rompers feel so special and unique. These baby rompers make for the kind of pieces you will keep forever in baby’s special keepsake box.

The vintage-style baby rompers are all made from, beautiful, natural fibres. In soft, breathable cotton, these bubble rompers are so cool and light, they make for effortless wearing. All of the rompers are printed with non-toxic water based pigment inks which are not only baby friendly, but environmentally friendly too.

The styles and prints, have a decidedly vintage-feel which we just adore. These gorgeous bubble rompers are perfect for an occasion, or just a summer play date. Pair with a gorgeous leather mary jane shoe, for the perfect vintage look.

These gorgeous vintage rompers, also make the ideal gift for a new baby. They come beautifully packaged in their own gift box, or can also be presented in one of our exclusive, vintage-style hatboxes for an extra special gift with WOW factor.

Vintage-style bubble rompers now available. Limited quantities of each style, so be quick.

Vintage-style baby rompers, range:

  1. Anglaise vintage-style bubble romper (0-6mths) $39.95.

vintage-style-baby-romper-anglaise2. Blue checked vintage-style dungaree romper (0-6mths) $39.95.


3. Blue pinstripe vintage-style bubble romper (0-6mths) $39.95.


4. Pink/red blossom print vintage-style bubble romper (0-6mths) $34.95.


5. Navy Aeroplane vintage-style bubble romper (6-12mths)  $34.95.


6. Red Aeroplane vintage-style bubble romper (0-6mths) $34.95.


Merry Christmas,

Two hoots,

Lisa x

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry – the reality of being a Mum

The funny trials and tribulations that us Mums go through on a day-to-day basis, that only other Mums can relate to. As they say – ‘the struggle is real’… and it really, really is. The struggle is 24/7.

Becoming a Mum changes your life in every way possible, and in ways you just never anticipated or imagined. You are suddenly part of this worldwide sisterhood who are bonded through the real understanding of the inherent, relentless sacrifice that goes with the territory of being a Mum.

There is no easy part of raising a child. Some say the first 6 weeks are the hardest. Two years into the process, I’m more of the opinion the rest of your life after you have a child is the hardest part!

Here our wonderful panel of Mums share their #themumreality quotes with us. Enjoy.

Funny quotes about the reality of being a Mum

The absolute minefield that is baby sleeping. A funny truth about how your baby sleep routine can take over your life and dictate who you can be friends with. Any Mum who has had a bad sleeper and needed to enforce a strict regime to ensure her own sanity can relate to this one! Oh what a shame…I really like you but unfortunately I will never be able to have a friendship with you because your baby sleeps at different times!


As a first time Mum I found that lack of ‘me’ time to be the absolute hardest adjustment. I needed ‘my’ space like it was air.  Any spare moment alone, even as mundane as a trip to the dentist or grocery store, felt like a new found freedom. Just getting in the car alone would conjure up images of Thelma and Louise, hair blowing in the wind. I would toy with the idea of just putting my foot down and just driving forever. But, you always come back…you just learn to find little glimpses of ‘me’ time wherever you can get them. Even at the dentist. If you get there 10 minutes early you can also read a magazine in peace. Who needs a day spa?


Daylight savings, the kind where you ‘gain’ an hour used to be something I looked forward to and relished the morning of. The smug feeling of ‘extending’ your Sunday by an hour, meaning work was also an extra hour later, was just too good not to be enjoyed and savored for every ‘extra’ minute it offered. Fast forward to the first morning of daylight saving with a baby…boom… it hit me like a lead balloon. Having a baby means NEVER again enjoying that precious, delicious extra hour EVER again. Why did no-one mention this to me? It’s just one of those rude shocks that comes with having kids that you never anticipate and people should warn you about! I must say, the morning of daylight savings and the thought of the hour forever lost, is always a very sad day indeed.

Stay tuned. New quotes added weekly.

Two hoots.

Lisa x

NEW Baby Girl Gifts that feel extra special

There is nothing sweeter than the birth of a precious new baby girl. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a lot of pressure trying to find a gift that is special enough for the occasion of celebrating a new life. I mean this is epic, right? Even though I’ve been through it myself, I still think creating a human being is the greatest miracle on earth. At the end of 9 months a person comes out. A person with their own unique personality and wants and needs. WOW. This kind of miracle really deserves a special baby gift.

Our aim is always to create hands-down the most special, unique baby girl gifts that you have ever seen. To set our new range of baby girl gifts apart, we wanted to include something unique, a special item that couldn’t be bought anywhere else. So, we went back to our roots and what we loved about yester year. The result is a very special hand knitted elephant doll with a hand made tutu skirt. Each tutu has been hand made, so our gorgeous ballerina has three different and unique tutu designs. Each tutu has been loving hand sewn by a group of passionate seamstress Mums. We think this makes for an extra special baby girl gift, and that’s what sets our gifts apart.

unique baby girl gifts with hand made tutu skirst

Our ballerina elephant is certainly the star of this show, but she also comes with a bevy of other beauties. A gorgeous sugar pink, canary yellow and modern grey stripe cotton jersey wrap makes an ideal companion. A generous size, and with a nice stretch, it makes a great swaddle for baby that the new Mum will find so useful in those first few months. It is also perfect for the pram and bassinet – a beautiful but practical essential that Mum will just love. From the same design story, comes the cutest pear print studsuit. In a quality cotton, baby girl will just look so sweet in this print and it is a refreshing alternative to pink!


We also have range of new Mum gifts within our sweet baby girl gifts. From Australia’s first natural fragrance company, comes the most glorious Jasmine & Lime scented soy candle and body and hand wash. Made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients, most of these organic, the new Mum, will feel thoroughly spoiled and pampered with these beautiful new Mum gifts. Blisume products contain 100% natural fragrance formulations; free from petrochemicals, phthalates, solvents, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives & parabens. This also makes them beautifully safe for expectant Mums.

All of our beautiful new baby girl gifts come extravagantly packaged in our eye-catching pink suitcase. We actually hope that other people might be a little jealous when they see your fabulous baby girl gift. We want it to be THAT good. But mostly we want it to feel like the most thoughtful, unique and awesome baby gift because we want the new Mum to feel special, and for her to feel that her baby girl is just the most adored human being on the planet. That is our wish. Welcome to the world beautiful baby girl, you are so loved!

ballerina inspired baby girl hampers Australia

Shop our full range of baby girl gifts here.

Two hoots,

Lisa x


And more new Baby Shower Gifts

And a little something colourful for those not of the black & white persuasion! Just launched, a lovely little collection of baby shower gifts that are bound to tickle your fancy.

Elephant with crown baby shower gifts

All gifts come with our unisex (prince or princess) hand-knitted elephant toy. With a delicate yellow crown, he adds the unique hand-made charm that we pride ourselves on.

Adding a flourish of colour and an enchanting scent of Moroccan mango, lime & mint, a delicious scented candle. Hand-made in Australia by Essense of Noosa, 100% natural and made with a food grade wax, it is just what a new Mum needs when she finally gets a precious moment to relax.

The final pop of colour comes from our gorgeous pear print studsuit. A cute unisex option, and a nice fresh alternative to grey. An essential for those first few weeks when outfit changes are multiple, daily.

All of our baby shower gifts come uniquely presented in our signature cream suitcase. It is an eye-catching feature on any gift table, and takes the hassle out of wrapping!

Browse our full range of baby shower gifts here.

Two hoots,

Lisa x


Baby Shower Presents – New range!

New and now online, we have a brand new range of Baby Shower Presents bound to have all the other guests green with envy.

In unisex colours, canary yellow, grey, honey and black and white, this range is ideal for a ‘surprise sex’ baby, or baby boy or girl. They are an ideal choice for the Mamma who just isn’t a pink & blue kinda girl!

Featuring the absolutely adorable baby bear of the original Flatout Bear, he is certainly no regular teddy bear. With a bevvy of celebrity fans including Princess Mary of Denmark, Brooke Shields, Sarah Jessica Parker, (Tom Cruise had it on his baby wish-list) and Jennifer Garner “loves it”. He is a luxury teddy bear, that’s for sure.

Instagram post from Sarah Jessica Parker Flatout Bear Baby Love

Guaranteed, there is not a baby on the planet who can resist Flatout bear. Handmade from 100% Australian sheepskin, he really is the softest, cuddliest (flatest) teddy ever.

A little something special for the new Mum or Mum-to-be, our new unisex baby gift range also includes delicious scented candles & sensuous hand creams from Noosa Brand ‘Essence’. All their products are wholly Australian made, 100% all natural plant based ingredients, and exquisitely packaged.




With an air of sophistication, all of our unisex baby gifts come stylishly presented in our custom-made cream keepsake suitcases. A Friday’s Child signature, these vintage-style suitcases form the centerpiece of our baby shower presents. Sturdy enough to be re-used, they make an elegant addition to the nursery, and can also be used to store all of baby’s special keepsakes, they even make a stunning storage case for Mamma’s facinators!

We guarantee a Baby Shower Present from Friday’s Child, will have all the other baby shower guests ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over your unique gift choice.

Check out the full range of baby shower presents here.

Two hoots,
Lisa x

NEW Organic Cotton & Bamboo Baby Blankets

blue, pink, cream bamboo and organic cotton baby blankets and ballet shoesAs the owner of a baby gifting business, and a Mum, I often get asked what my favourite baby gift was. And, out of all the hundreds of thousand items you can buy for babies these days, I have to say my absolute favourite baby gift is a beautiful baby blanket.

Obviously practical, a beautiful quality baby blanket made from natural fibers is just hands-down my go to gift. With so many options these days, you really can find a beautiful blanket to match your recipient’s taste and budget.

So, with my love of baby blankets, I’m always on the look out for beautiful blankets to stock in our store. I have a thing about natural fibers, especially when it comes to babies. Not only from a fire-risk perspective, but also natural fibers allow the skin to breathe and help to regulate the baby’s temperature so they don’t overheat. They just help baby stay beautifully cosy and comfortable.

That is why I am so in love with these latest additions to our store. Not only are they stocked in Fortnum & Masons in the UK (the Queen’s store), which can attest to the quality standard, they are just so beautiful you can’t help but want to swaddle yourself in the organic cotton & bamboo fibers.

Blue, Pink and White organic cotton and bamboo baby blankets AustraliaWith only a limited qty of each colour (pink & blue), these will not be around long. At only $49 each, they are an ideal newborn baby gift. Throw in one of our calico gift bags, and you have a baby shower gift all ready to go – no wrapping required.

See more details below:

pink organic cotton and bamboo baby blanket

blue organic cotton and bamboo baby blanket

Till next time.

Two hoots,

Lisa x